It starts
with a spark

From small ideas, great things are born.

We’ve created Foundry3 to do things differently. To navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare market, we’ve realised that we need to seamlessly fuse creativity, science and innovation - thinking outside of traditional agency silos and disciplines.

Solving real problems for clients demands a deep understanding of audiences, strategic thinking, a total grasp of the digital landscape, creativity and innovation.

Finding the right solution, regardless of channel or discipline. We produce ideas and work that supports healthcare professionals and patients by providing knowledge, digital tools and services to improve people’s lives.

Foundry3 is more than just a creative or digital agency.

It's innovative, it's digital, it's scientific and it's smart. It also happens to be highly creative.

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Foundry3 also houses the first independent digital health lab specialising in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is organised in collaboration with patients, clinicians, scientists and academics looking to build the future of healthcare today.

If you have a idea, vision or problem to crack, come to the innovation Foundry.

Revisit our site in the coming weeks as we add more content, opinion and details of the work that we are undertaking.

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