The Founders

Matt Baker


Matt's entire career has been spent in creative, design and digital agencies. He first entered the agency world through the consumer route, before switching to healthcare in 2000. Since then Matt has worked with a vast number of brands across primary care, rare diseases, specialist care including oncology. He has launched over 50 brands, mostly on a Global or Pan-European basis.

Matt has a passion for ideas, great design, brands and storytelling. He's always looking for new and engaging ways to bring brands to life and engage audiences. As such he has always been heavily involved in digital communication and the innovative use of technology. Matt was a speaker at Lions Health exploring the future of healthcare as a keynote. Matt's real strength is in taking on board mountains of information and quickly seeing the key insight, crafting the communication strategy and developing ideas, programmes and tactics that take brands in a new or inspiring direction. He also prides himself on delivering to the highest possible standard, every time. He has a relentless focus on clients, audience needs and developing great agency teams.

Matt is Co-Founder of Foundry 3. He fundamentally believes that great brands in 2019 are about truly understanding the needs of the audience and delivering initiatives that add value and solve problems for patients and HCP's. It's not about who shouts loudest or for longest, it's about who can create the most relevant and useful brands and services.

Career Highlights