Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Foundry³ philosophy

At Foundry³ our ultimate aim is to support healthcare professionals and patients by providing knowledge, tools and services that improve people’s lives. This can be through incisive brand strategy combined with compelling creative, bringing science to life through storytelling or building digital tools that empower patients to achieve better outcomes and improved quality of life.

Foundry³ is a very different kind of agency. Our strategic vision is driven by a belief in the powerful combination of science, creativity and innovation to solve problems. Foundry³ also houses the first independent digital health lab, the Innovation Foundry, specialising in the pharmaceutical industry but built in collaboration with patients, clinicians, scientists and academics.

We believe in working with our clients differently, it is based on true collaboration and a simple philosophy. We have four guiding principles

Designed with people, not for people

Co-creation and collaboration with healthcare professionals, patients and carers is central to everything we do. Solving real problems with the people we are trying to help

No digital titles

We don’t want hammers running around looking for a nail. Digital is not separate, it’s at the core of everything we do. Our designers, strategists and writers integrate programmes across all channels.

Collaboration and partnership

We collaborate and partner with world-leading expertise from clinical practice, academia, patient advocacy and technology

Vision, ideas and creativity

Everything starts from a clear vision of what needs to be achieved. This creative spark kicks off a process of exploration, insight and