Innovation Foundry

Innovation Foundry

Innovation Foundry Digital Health laboratories

With healthcare being disrupted and transformed by technology at such a pace we believe it is essential we foster the opportunities to keep people well, help to improve outcomes and the management of illness and improve people’s quality of life. We have the background and experience to support a unique innovation laboratory, called Innovation Foundry (IF), focussed on digital health, that is able to work in a very different way to the standard agency model.

The aim of IF Labs is to work with anyone who is looking to make a difference in the world of healthcare through the innovative use of technology. We are open to any suggestion or offer of collaboration but it is important that successful innovation is driven by vision supported by process.

We want to ask the question, what IF?

We work in three broad ways with clients, partners and collaborators:

— IF Innovation Foundry
— IF Health Forge
— IF Alliance